Watch Leaf Claws inventor Robert Seemann speak about his new product, see the Leaf Claws in action and hear from other happy customers!

This specially-designed tool takes the tension off your back and joints. The oversized rake head allows you to pick up more leaves than you ever could by hand! When it comes to raking and bagging leaves, Leaf Claws is the tool for the job!

Leaf Scoops vs. Leaf Claws: a video demonstration of two leaf bagging or yard cleaning tools. If you like the Leaf Scoops, you will love the Leaf Claws. See the difference!

A "Must Have" for people with bad backs, knees and joints. Perfect for homeowners, and landscapers who want to expedite their yard cleanup duties!

Fill your yard bags in a matter of seconds while you bend less. The multipurpose yard cleaner picks up more than just leaves. Use it to grab acorns, pine straw, rotten apples, hedge and grass clippings, to spread mulch and so much more.

  • Extends reach by 18 inches, you bend less
  • Pick up 10x more than you could by hand
  • Avoid touching pet waste and yard mold
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from a polypropylene: designed stiff and yet flexible to prevent breakage
  • Built to last and handle yard cleanup duties
  • One set equals two Leaf Claws

Leaf Claws is a product of J. Robert Companies

"Our Leaf Claws arrived about 30 minutes ago! I just used them for the first time. Absolutely the best thing since sliced bread. I picked up three large barrels of leaves in my yard in 15-20 minutes. Used to take an hour, at least. I will tell every one of my friends about this product. Thank you so much, Mr. Robert Seeman, you're a great inventor!"

- Tina M. Homosassa, FL

Grabbing more, bending less!

Bag it faster, job done faster!

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